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South Korea

All four seasons of Produce 101 are manipulated, according to Korean prosecutors

8 people involved were prosecuted

SOUTH KOREA The Prosecution has announced that all of the four seasons of Mnet’s Produce 101 series had its final votes manipulated to favor particular trainees, and has prosecuted 8 people with multiple charges such as breach of trust, disruption of business, fraud and many more.

Produce 101 season 1 produced the project girl group I.O.I, followed by season 2 that produced Wanna One, then Produce 48 that produced IZ*ONE and then Produce X 101 which created X1.

According to prosecution, Mnet PD Ahn Joon Young had manipulated the paid text votes by the fans during the live broadcast to make sure ‘certain trainees’ would be in the final group. He had admitted to manipulating Produce 48 and PRODUCE X 101, but initially claimed the first two seasons were not during the first rounds of investigation.

Later on, the prosecutors found new evidence that proves that the first two seasons were also manipulated.

IZ*ONE and X1 have halted all their promotions due to the scandal, with the former having their comeback for their first full-length album cancelled and the latter not being able to attend or promote further.

Mnet said they will announce a decision regarding the future of the two groups soon.



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